Human thug


Sterling was first met by Caulder in Barthorn, where Sterling and his cousin, Rogarth, were intimidating Vardik, a local smith’s merchant.

Sterling, Rogarth, and a friend, Colin, had previously ventured into Lagomir Forest on a quest for the Barthorn town council. Colin was lost there in undescribed circumstances.

Sterling joined Sparrow and Caulder outside Barthorn, where he was plotting to free Rogarth from the town’s jail in order to go back into Lagomir Forest and either rescue Colin or recover his body. Caulder made a promise (according to his paladin vows) to Sterling that, after returning from Haverton with Arenn, they would return to Lagomir Forest and helping Sterling.

When leaving Haverton, the group was accosted by Eldritch horrors. Sterling was obviously unnerved by these creatures. Two of them overwhelming him quickly, and the rest of the group did not come to his aid soon enough; one creature picked up Sterling and carried him off over a steep, rocky hillside into the night.

During the fight, one strange creature whispered to Sparrow that “Sterling had raped a woman, more than once.” Sparrow believed that this woman was Mary, of the town of Barthorn.

Notably, Sparrow chose to assist the gravely wounded Arenn instead of coming to Sterling’s aid. After the battle, Caulder blamed Sparrow for Sterling’s loss.


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