Halfling hireling and apprentice thief

  • Adept 1
  • Burglar 1
  • Warrior 2
  • Loyalty 1

Armed with two hand daggers and several throwing daggers. He had intended to give one dagger to Sparrow when he rejoined Sparrow and Caulder on their adventures, but he’s kept it for protection against the monstrous creatures that seem to be pursuing them.


From the halfling fishing village of Haverton, Arenn guided Caulder and Sparrow to the Dark Castle of Ruins.

He bears no physical mark from his encounters below the Dark Castle, but unnatural horrors pursue him.

He looks up to Sparrow and Caulder, with their lives of adventure, but he seems to particularly idolize Sparrow, who has taken Arenn under his wing as a protege and Don-Juan-in-training.

He has romantic intentions toward Rika, another halfling from Haverton, who seems to return his affections. Caulder and Sparrow helped his reputation with Rika by talking up his accomplishments in their initial adventure.


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